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Animal Assisted Intervention International (AAII) offers membership to individuals or organizations active in different fields: Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), Animal Assisted Education (AAE), Animal Support (AS), Animal Assisted Activities (AAA).

Download the AAII membership application form

Membership fees

Full members: 200 Euro or xx US Dollars, that equals 200 € per year; full members have voting rights and may serve as members of the board of directors; Internal Regulation 1.

Associate members: 100 Euro or xx US Dollars, that equals 100 € per year; associate members do not have voting rights and cannot serve as members of the board of directors; Internal Regulation 1.

AAII will invite Affiliate organizations that support our mission; Affiliate member is open to organizations that support and promote the overall mission of AAII  The AAII Board will approve affiliate members. The affiliate status will be granted for a 3 year period. The Board can then review and renew the status. Affiliate members will be able to register for conferences, workshops, symposia where applicable. They will have the use of the Affiliate Membership logo during this period. They pay no membership fees but have no voting rights; Internal Regulation 1.