We are a non-profit organization supporting Animal Assisted Interventions (AAIs)

AAII Name Change

News from AAII!

We have some exciting news to share! AAII is getting a new name!

You will remember that the recommendations for terminology in our field included moving away from the word ‘intervention’ and towards ‘services’. After consultation with members and the recent voting process at our Annual and Special General Meeting, we can confirm that we will be changing our name to ‘Animal Assisted Services International’. This is a really exciting change and we want to thank all those who took the time out to get involved in the process.

The next step will be to look at all our documents, website and of course the logo and make the changes we will need. If any members would like to support this work please do let us know! We also will welcome member input around the other areas of our work that may be impacted by the recommended terminology changes, and we will gradually make further adaptations, some of which will require further votes.

We hope you are excited to see our organisation continue to evolve, we will keep you updated on progress. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions please do get in contact with us

Best wishes,