We are a non-profit organization supporting Animal Assisted Interventions (AAIs)

Welcome to AAII

Animal Assisted Intervention International is a member driven non-profit organization that offers a community, continuing education, standards of practice, competencies and accreditation for AAI practitioners and animal trainers

AAII Standards of Practice, Competencies, and Accreditation

AAII Standards, Competencies and Accreditation are the result of our member working groups, peer reviewed literature, collaboration with leaders in the AAI field, and concepts that AAII believes important for AAIs.  They have been designed to provide guidance as a minimum of what is needed to conduct an AAI program for any Animal Assisted Intervention International (AAII) member.  The standards are meant to be used in conjunction with AAII competencies and as partial preparation for AAII accreditation.  Each membership category has a Member Booklet specifically designed for that member category.   

Who we are

AAII is a non-profit association and coalition of practitioners, individuals or organizations that has a strong foundation of positive interactions with people and animals, at all stages in the AAII continuum (training, handling, treating, educating, etc).  AAII respects and embraces other organizations, and frequently collaborates to develop and share content at a world-wide level. 

AAII is a practitioner driven organization that celebrates human-animal interactions, and supports them using the available literature to make consistent updates that are relevant to the  times.

Our Members

AAII recognizes that our members come from diverse disciplines, and include those who raise, prepare and train the animals that work with AAI providers.  Our membership categories include Animal Assisted Activity (AAA), Animal Assisted Education (AAE), Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), Animal Assisted Special Programs (AASP), Animal Assisted Placement Programs (AAPP), Affiliate Members, Educational Institutions and Students.

Our members are healthcare (occupational, physical, speech, mental health providers, nurses, etc)  human service (social workers, ministry, law enforcement, crisis response, etc.), educational providers, those who offer professional level or recreational programs, and animal trainers who train animals and their humans for this level of professional work.


By becoming a member, you will be a part of a worldwide community of professionals who share the common interest and practice of animal assisted interventions.

AAII offers comprehensive Standards of Practice, Competencies and an Accreditation process that was developed in collaboration with our members and well-respected leaders in the field of animal assisted interventions.  We offer continuing education and embrace sharing of quality professional level information.